Preparation for Mid-SURE Conference

Last Thursday, an Oakland University professor gave a presentation on how to prepare for poster and lecture style presentations to the REU students. We obtained valuable knowledge and insight as well as listened to the professor’s advice for presenting our research to the audience at Michigan State University. Since the Mid-SURE Conference will be held … More Preparation for Mid-SURE Conference


Today, we were invited to watch a experimentation setup at the Engineering Center. This project requires the Digital Image Correlation system to be able to track deformation of the specimen within a 2mm range slit between two pieces of tool steel. This setup is used to simulate the setup at the consumer’s company. Due to … More Observations

Progress Report

We are currently working on writing the paper that Dr. Yang wants us to have ready by July 15th, 2016. This will be a first draft for Dr. Guobiao Yang and a graduate student in the lab to read over first. We have already made several trips to the library in search of references and … More Progress Report

Spring-back Testing at Macomb Community College

Since Dr. Yang wanted to give us another opportunity to work at the Macomb lab, we got a chance to observe Dr. Guobiao Yang and another graduate student complete experiments on several specimens for another project related to spring-back. This separate project has a very similar set up to our project but a very different … More Spring-back Testing at Macomb Community College

Project Update and Weekend Activities

As of right now, we have completed our abstract that will be submitted later this week for the Mid-SURE conference at Michigan State University. The abstract covers a general outline for our research journal, which includes the project goal, method of approach and important results obtained. In addition, we also began writing the introduction for … More Project Update and Weekend Activities

Wind Tunnel Tour

Lately, we’ve been working on getting a paper written since we have completed the calculations we need to get done. There are two friction coefficients that were calculated for both rolling and transverse alloy specimens. These results will be mentioned in the abstract, which is due at the end of next week. However, an introduction … More Wind Tunnel Tour