Project Update and Weekend Activities

As of right now, we have completed our abstract that will be submitted later this week for the Mid-SURE conference at Michigan State University. The abstract covers a general outline for our research journal, which includes the project goal, method of approach and important results obtained. In addition, we also began writing the introduction for the SAE paper that we are hoping to publish at the end of this program.

However this past Saturday, we were fortunate to attend the Young Automotive Professionals Conference at the General Motors (GM) Proving Grounds. We were given plenty of advice by established engineers and networked with potential employers. Mr. Jim Hentchel, Mr. Karl Heimer, Mr. Peter Kosak and Mr. Mohammad Poorsartep were the speakers for the morning panel discussion. They provided very valuable insights on the automotive industry in the future of autonomous vehicles, shared vehicle services, and the importance of cyber security. However, the most fun event at the conference was the Ride and Drive event held by GM right in Milford, Michigan. There were several models of vehicles from the Sonic to the Corvette that were on display on the lot for guests to drive. In addition, there were four different ride and drive courses that guests were allowed to experience these vehicles, which includes the City Loop, Off Road, Challenge and Active Safety. Lisa drove the Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac Escalade. Emily drove the Camaro and a Buick in addition to experiencing as a passenger of a Chevrolet Silverado and a Camaro.


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