Today, we were invited to watch a experimentation setup at the Engineering Center. This project requires the Digital Image Correlation system to be able to track deformation of the specimen within a 2mm range slit between two pieces of tool steel. This setup is used to simulate the setup at the consumer’s company. Due to this need for a very small area, a 1.5mm calibration board was used. As we observed, the DIC camera was having difficulty focusing and developing a clear image of the region of interest. Originally the focus lens used had a 18mm-108mm range, but the 12.5mm-75mm range focus lens was found to work better. It was discussed that the set up is restricted to 14 inches in height. However, the camera set up already takes up 12 inches, which indicated that the cameras must be brought closer to the specimen. Another option to avoid other problems was to try positioning the camera outside the 14 inches frame setup.


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