Preparing for the Presentation

Today, we finished what will be our presentation for this Wednesday. The presentation covers the motivation for project, current methods, the advantages and disadvantages, information on digital image correlation, and the experimental procedure. Overall, the presentation is 22 slides. There is some preliminary data in the presentation. Tomorrow, we will be doing a practice presentation … More Preparing for the Presentation

Day 2:Experimentation

Today the last stage of testing started. For this last stage of testing, a 3-D digital image correlation (DIC) system was utilized.┬áThe set-up for the 3-D DIC uses two cameras, a blue illumination light, and Istra 4D software. The 3-D DIC system will record deformation using before and after images of the specimen in testing. … More Day 2:Experimentation

Day 1:Experimentation

Today we started our first day of experimental testing at the Material’s lab in Macomb Community College alongside Dr. Guo Biao Yang and a few Oakland University graduate students. Dr. Guo Biao Yang informed us on the specifications for the project we will be working on as well as the general procedures and the objectives. … More Day 1:Experimentation

First update

Before we begin conducting any experiments, Dr. Lianxiang Yang directed us to read his ┬álecture notes as well as four journals/research papers. We finished going over the lecture notes and completed reading the longest of the four papers. We are to spend the rest of this week reading these reports. Dr. Yang also brought three … More First update